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A family has to go through a lot of issues in one and single life. Only when all the members of a family is able to stay together and at peace with complete harmony through all its thick and thin, does it turns out to be an example of successful relation. But most of the times, this isn’t the case and there are heart breaking confrontations, quarrels, fights, battles of various kinds.

Some are on the matter of property distribution and family business holdings. Some are just because of different mindset not able to stay up together. Our family problem specialists study the cases in depth to understand the real causes behind all the problems that they are going through. Basically, troubles are often because of some invisible reason, some kind of unfulfilled fights from the previous birth, stars on the astrological chart of one person not matching with those of the other people in the family, or simply because of the burden of the karma.

We go through the horoscopes of all the members of the family as well as undergo special meditative rituals to understand what exactly is causing the struggle among those who share same roots and have blood relation. Sometimes, happiest of the families are devastated. For years such people have been living together with love and strong bonds but all of a sudden things get troubled up and relations break apart.

Such situations are very common and most of the times, there is an evil eye or some evil spirit or negative energy working against the members. In many cases a jealous neighbor or a jealous friend has undergone black magic against the family which has resulted into all the strife and struggle among the most loving brothers, sisters, husbands and wives.

We first offer remedies for removing the effect of the evil eye and black magic as well as special rituals for getting rid of the ghosts, spirits and negative energies. Once this part is done, burden of karma is lessened and special solutions are offered to bring back peace and harmony with your relatives.

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